7 days of pure action arrives at 77 Jackpot Casino

These days, online casino bonuses is what attracts players to a casino. Experienced players browse through Casino Raters and the other big portals in search of the best available offer on the market. Action, action, and more action is what players need to make sure their attention is captivated time and time again. While most online casinos offer up a little bit of flair and pizazz, few can offer up continuous action that keeps players coming back for more over the long-term. One particular casino that understands the importance of keeping the level of entertainment flowing is 77 Jackpot Casino. They may not be a name that you have heard of before, but their new 7-day promotion is sure to grab your attention.

Firstly, they are bringing players a ‘Welcome Bonus’ that will reward new members in a big way. Having been described as “intense” by various online casino portal users. For 7-days straight, not only are the prizes being ramped up, but up to €500 in free play funds is there for new players to claim. With jackpots ranking up in the seven-figure region waiting to be won, this bonus gives players the perfect kick-start.

Four Part Promotion

Not just content on delivering a one-off, quick fix offer, 77 Jackpot Casino have constructed a ‘Welcome Bonus’ offer that just keeps on giving. When a new member makes their first deposit the will be rewarded with a 100% matched deposit, up to the sum of €500. Giving you up to €500 to play around with, after burning your way through that amount, you can access even more free funds should you keep depositing regularly. Second deposits from new players will get up to €100 free through a 100% matched deposit offer. The offers just keep on rolling from there, as third deposits are matched 50% up to €100, fourth deposits are then matched 25% up to €100 to conclude the promotion. In total players can access up to €500 free funds over the course of just 7 days.

The latest bonus from 77 Jackpot Casino provides players with 7-day burst of free cash that works to ramp up entertainment levels. You may have seen several online casino bonuses bring the action in the past, but none have brought it quite like this.

Games for All

77 Jackpot Casino is about to be seen as a promotions juggernaut on online casino portals around the world. But as said above, an online casino bonus is only going to get an online casino so far. What makes for sweet reading is that 77 Jackpot Casino’s quality stretches far beyond a fancy bonus promotion. The game collection is packed to the brim with high quality titles, many of which feature progressive jackpots that rank in the millions. The game selection at 77 Jackpot Casino is provided by Novomatic and Betsoft gaming, which guarantee high quality visuals and a truly immersive playing experience. Featuring 3D slots, classic games, and some of the biggest jackpots in all of online casino gaming, no matter you game type of interest 77 Jackpot Casino will have it.

Not Going Unnoticed

77 Jackpot Casino clearly knows how to make some noise. Ramping up the rewards through a unique 7-day bonus offer and showcasing some of industry’s best games, this online casino truly takes players to the heart of the slots action! Don’t miss out by registering today!

Online blackjack terminology breakdown

Blackjack may be a game that has been adopted by Hollywood filmmakers, but that shouldn’t deter from the fact that this is an everyman’s game. The game of 21 is played the world over, with the Internet working to bring it into the homes of millions. While the simple number aspect makes this game easy to pick up and play, it is knowledge that separates the winners from the loser. The key to blackjack is found within action and reaction, something that we will give the basis of in the following blackjack terminology breakdown.

Action – To make a bet (or a succession of bets) during a game of online blackjack.

Bankroll – The funds available to a player during a game session.

Basic Strategy – The commonly use set of plays that blackjack players use to reduce the house edge and maximize the chances of winning.

Blackjack – The strongest hand in the game, made up of an ace and a 10 or face card.

Bust – When player or dealer hits to the point of going over the total of 21, going bust results in instant defeat.

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Deal – The initial two cards handed to both player and dealer.

Double Down – Doubling down involves a player doubling their original bet after receiving their initial deal, the player is limited to a single hit in such instance following this.

Face Up Card – When a player places their card face side up.

Flat Bet – Flat betting involves replaying the same bet amount through successive hands.

Even Money – Cashing a bet at a 1/1 payout when dealt ‘natural’ blackjack and the dealer’s face up card is an ace.

Hard Hand – Hand in which the ace is valued at 1 instead of 11.

Heads On – A straight one-on-one game between dealer and player

High Roller – A player who players big bets and is subsequently entitled to online casino VIP extras.

Hit/Draw – To request an additional card from the dealer.

Hold Card/Hidden Card – A card face down when a face up card is in effect.

Insurance – A side bet of half the initial bet that covers the player in case of the dealer having a natural 21 from the initial deal.

Late Surrender – To surrender the hand, giving up only half your bet, even when the dealer doesn’t have blackjack.

Natural – When initial deal equals 21.

Pair – When deal features two cards of the same number, opens up chances of side bets.

Pat Hand – Hand that equals between 17 and 21.

Soft Hand – A hand in which the ace is valued at 11 instead of 1.

Split Hand – Hand made of two numerically equal cards, player can then split such to create two independent hands.

Stand/Stay – When the player refuses to hit.

Surrender – Giving up half your wager unknowing of the dealer’s hand.

Ever wondered how to get started playing online blackjack? Well through this terminology guide now you know exactly how to jump into the game. Go forth and take this knowledge to the virtual blackjack tables and you may find yourself landing ‘blackjack’ before you know it.