The final word on casino bonus types

Odds are you have a read a hundred articles on casino bonuses and there is every chance you will read a hundred more. The reason being that they are ever changing and almost always implementing new types of games and conditions. While it is always exciting to see a new offer pop up with promises of untold riches, to know if that bonus is right for you isn’t easy. As a gambler I’m well versed in casino bonuses, in fact I’ve probably seen and used them all. The following is my final word on casino bonuses and the two types you are likely to come across.

No deposit bonus

The most popular and seldom seen type of casino bonuses, largely as it offers the chances to gamble online without the need to pay in any money. No deposit bonuses act as almost a test drive in many ways, as it allows you play through various on-site games from the moment you register. While there is a lot a player can get out of playing through a no deposit bonus, don’t be mistaken, casinos aren’t offering free money. Term and conditions are rife within no deposit bonuses. First, what you are receiving from the casino is “play money” and it won’t ever be cashable. Secondly, no deposit bonuses usually have a strict time cap attached to them. Lastly, they are usually limited to certain types of games, although in certain cases you will able to tailor such bonus to your speciality.

Matched deposit bonuses

The most commonly issued type of casino bonus is a matched deposit bonus and is one that will suit players who have no reservations about parting with their own money. They involve depositing a set amount of money and receiving a set amount from the casino in additional play funds. The actual matched percentage you will receive varies from casino to casino (anywhere from 25% to 200% is considered the norm), but that isn’t all that can vary. Being that they’re the most common casino bonus, they also come with a myriad of requirements in order to use properly:

  • Minimum deposit – This will apply to all matched deposit bonuses and is the amount you must deposit in order to access the bonus itself.
  • Allowed games – These will be the game that you are allowed to use your casino bonus with; you can expect such to be limited. For example, Red Flush Casino has over 500 games within their ranks, but bonus use is limited to slots and keno.
  • Banned games – Rarely seen, but disastrous if crossed. If you play a banned game using a casino bonus they may void the bonus and any winnings gained through it.
  • Wagering requirements – The biggest clause out of the bunch and one that can be truly detrimental to you playing experience. Wagering requirements are a number that dictates how many times you must “roll over” the bonus for it to become cashable.
  • Cashout limit – Not used in all casinos and becoming rare as time goes on. Cashout limits control how much you can actually make from your casino bonus.

The final word

Want to gamble online? Want more for your money? Want to try before you by? Then casino bonuses are the perfect way to do all of this and much more. Armed with the above information you now have an ace in the hole when it comes to understanding what makes a good deal. Remember all the above, bide your time, and do your research, and you’ll find that a good casino bonus is only a few clicks away.