Ruby Slots – Time tested or out of touch?

If you sat down 100 online gamblers and asked them to name a slots software platform, odds are the majority of them will name Real Time Gaming software. RTG casino framework is something has seemingly been around as long as online casinos themselves and is a key part of the Ruby Slots setup. Using a captivating red theme Ruby Slots is one of the more popular slot casinos out there, but given it’s aging RTG structure has Ruby Slots become out of touch or are they simply time tested for success?

Slot games

In this day and age an online slots casino lives and dies by its game selection. In this area, Ruby Slots, in spite of its aging framework, delivers across the board. Should you choose Ruby Slots then you will find the usual selection of top-row five-reel games, including Rain Dance, Achilles, Trinton’s Treasure, Count Spectacular, and Cleopatra’s Gold. What is also of note is that they also have a few noteworthy progressive slot games within their ranks as well; these include Aztec Millions and Jackpot Pinatas. Three-reel slots can also be found in Stripes and Diamond Mine and 7’s, but looking at the situation in more detail it’s clear that three-reel slots aren’t Ruby Slots forte.

Table games

Table games may not be what Ruby Slots is known for, but in order to increase their appeal Ruby Slots have upped their table game offerings as of late. Those who have a penchant for blackjack will have a few variants to choose from, including Pontoon, classic blackjack, and Super Fun 21. They don’t offer an extensive range, but it should be enough to appease casual players. They also offer roulette games, but much like blackjack the variants are limited. What is surprising is that video poker is well represented on Ruby Slots. No matter the game you are after you are sure to find it, I personally played Joker Poker, but I saw that single-hand and multi-hand games including Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus Poker, Jackpot Poker Pick ’em Poker, and Jacks or Better were also listed on the site.


Over the years it has arguably been the biggest criticism of Ruby Slots and something that many of the big gambling portals took a close look at. Many consider the RTG platform to be severely dated, given that new measures are being developed to ensure in game fairness. But the fact of the situation is that RTG is a time tested fairness system and continues to be so moving forward. It is in line to be replaced in the future, but I can personally say that I’ve never experienced any issues with it.


I found that Ruby Slots does as good a job as anyone when it comes to protecting players money and personal information. They use a 256-bit SSL encrypted connection, while it may not be the most robust system, it seems to do a perfectly good job of repelling intruders. Plus if it is good enough for some banking websites it is good enough for me.

Final thoughts

Ruby Slots is one of those online casinos that have seemingly been around forever, building a reputation for quality in the process. I found that there is still a lot to love about Ruby Slots, with their wide ranging game selection, instant-play options, 24/7 support, and reputation within the industry all being of note to a perspective member. I know that there is still talk surrounding their reliance on an RTG system to ensure fairness, but I don’t really buy into it. All in all, Ruby Slots provides an enjoyable and safe online casino experience that is worth a look.